Bloodborne’s Serana – Should Serana Want to Be Cured? (2023)

Bloodborne’s Serana – Should Serana Want to Be Cured? (1)

Should serana want to be cured? This article will explore the implications of curing serana of vampirism. We’ll examine whether you can cure her and marry her, and where she goes after getting cured. In addition, we’ll discuss the effects of curing serana on the plot of Bloodborne. After all, who wants to end up in a vampire graveyard?

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Should serana get cured?

The Dawnguard DLC contains a cure for Serana’s vampirism. It is called Falion, and is available for purchase in Morthal. Serana can cure herself and others, but many players are unsure whether or not they want to do so. Here’s what you should know. The cure will take effect after you have cured Serana. You can also try it on your own to see if it works.

First of all, when you defeat Serana’s father, she will refuse to drink blood. In fact, after defeating her father, she will consider her condition as a gift. It would be unfair to cure her once she has overcome her father, so it’s recommended to try a cure on her own. Also, when she’s cured, she will not be willing to marry someone who’s not her father.

Another cure is to freeze time. Serana will stay yellow for a while, but that’s normal. The effect is temporary. You can fix this by casting the Spouse Merchant ability or the Voice of the Emperor, but you have to have the Master of the Mind perk to use it. If you don’t have this perk, you can use Moveto player to fix the problem. You can get Serana to do it again by setting the quest’s main parameter to a different value.

What happens if you cure serana of vampirism?

The quest “Cure Serana of Vampirism” requires the player to defeat Serana’s father and gain her trust. If you cure Serana of vampirism, you’ll no longer be able to grant her vampire lord quests or make Bloodcursed Elven arrows. If you do this twice, she will offer the same quest twice.

In order to cure Serana of vampirism, you’ll need the Dawnguard expansion. Otherwise, you’ll need the vampire lord, bloodcursed elven arrows, and Serana’s amulet. Unfortunately, Serana doesn’t want to marry you if you can’t give her the two things she needs to cure herself.

You can cure Serana of vampirism in several ways. You can cure her vampirism by granting her immunity to drain life attacks or freezing time. You can also cure her before she can complete her full progression. There are also a number of basic cures for vampirism, and many of them can be used to avoid becoming full-blown. However, full-blown vampirism requires you to complete the Rising At Dawn quest to remove your immunity.

Can you cure and marry serana?

Serana is a Vampire who can be cured and married after playing the Dawnguard DLC. You can cure her with the help of the Falion, who resides in Morthal. Upon curing Serana, you can live with her in the default player house and you can also marry her with the help of a Dawnguard mod. You can also cure Serana without mods, but you will need to keep the same gender and race as the other character.

Serana is a unique character in the Dawnguard DLC, but she has several traits in common with the other followers in the game. For one, she wears a hood outdoors and asks questions about herself. Unlike Frea, Serana does not have the ability to teleport, and she always wears a hood. She also complains about the weather, which can make her unsuitable to be your companion in the outside world.

Where does serana go after getting cured?

If you’re wondering, “Where does Serana go after getting cured?” then you’re not alone. Many people wonder this too, since they’re often unable to figure out exactly where she goes after being cured. Here are some common scenarios. – After being cured, Serana can’t be turned into a Vampire Lord again. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can find out where she goes after she’s cured.

– The cure process also leaves Serana cured, but not entirely. During this process, she continues to use her vampiric Drain Life, but it’s not quite the same. She won’t give you bloodcursed arrows anymore, and she’ll have mortal blue eyes. The good news is that she can now heal yourself by using Restoration healing spells. This means she’ll no longer suffer damage from combat spells and will stop offering to turn you into a Volkihar vampire.

Once you’ve cured Serana, she’ll go to the Soul Cairn. Valerica will ask her to come with you. Once there, you’ll have to kill three Boneyard Keepers to lower Valerica’s barrier. To make sure you’re getting all the arrows correctly, consult the mod’s main page for a complete list of features. You can also consult the mod’s website for the latest information and to find out how to play the game with Serana.

What do you say to serana to cure her?

A vampiric condition can be curable, but how? This question can be answered in many ways. You can convince Serana to cure herself by bringing a scroll to Fort Dawnguard. Initially, Serana will refer to her condition as a gift, but after defeating her father, she will refuse to receive it. You can use these conversation picks to convince Serana.

If you do not want to sacrifice her, you can offer to soul-trap her. You can also follow her around Fort Dawnguard, where she will ask you to become a Vampire Lord. If you accept, Serana will bite you. However, it is important to remember that if you kill her, you will be turned into a Vampire Lord and become a monster that can devour humans!

If you’re not sure how to go about this, the mod comes with a complete list of her perks. In addition to a daily home-cooked meal, Serana’s spousal benefits include Spouse Merchant abilities and a unique fully voiced dialogue. For a full list of features, visit the main mod page of the mod. You can download the mod here: What do you say to Serana to cure her?

Is it better to join the vampires or Dawnguard?

While joining the Vampires is the easier path, joining the Dawnguard is also an option, as you can join both of them. This quest line will give you some rewards, like a membership in the Dawnguard and the ability to become a Vampire Lord. It’s also important to note that Serana will still be giving you some of her previous quests, so it might not be worth it to join the Vampires.

After beating Harkon, you’ll be able to join the Dawnguard and become a Legate. Then you can upgrade your crossbow by completing side quests. You can upgrade the crossbow and become one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Be careful, though; Serana is very skeptical of Dawnguard members, and she will refuse to share inventory or listen to commands.

When it comes to quests, joining the Dawnguard is the best option. Dawnguard members can cure Serana while playing the Vampires. The disadvantage is that you can’t become a Vampire Lord before you complete the main questline. However, once you’re a member of the Dawnguard, you can become a Vampire Lord if you want to.

Can serana become a vampire again?

Can Serana become a vampire again? is a question often asked by Dragonborn players. If the answer is yes, they can use Serana’s power, Kindred Judgment, to cure Serana. The ability is extremely powerful and includes several conversation picks to use when dealing with Serana. However, it can be frustrating to find yourself in such a precarious situation.

Serana was born in the Second Era, hundreds of years before the events of Skyrim began. While the specific dates are unknown, the fact that Serana was born in this time period is important because her perception of the world is different from that of other characters. Serana has the nickname Coldharbour, which refers to Molag Bal’s Daedric realm. She will use this nickname throughout the rest of the game, though she’s not actually a vampire.

When a character has lycanthropy, Serana will follow the player into the temples and use the craft apparatus nearby. While she will not marry a player who has lycanthropy, Serana’s bloodlust will not end, and her powers will continue to be used. She can also acquire skills from followers. If you have a strong sense of honor, Serana is an excellent follower.

How old is serana?

The character of Serana is a Nord female Vampire. She has brown, steel hair and bright, flaming eyes. Her vampiric armor is light and she also carries an Elven dagger in a holster on her left thigh. She wears a hood automatically when she is outdoors. She enjoys spells and necromancy, but is not married.

Although her age is based on the time she has been a vampire, Serana is actually quite young – twenty years old. Serana spent four and a half centuries in the Dimhollow crypt. It is not clear how she gained her vampirism, but she is a pure-blood vampire and has spent the last five thousand years there. In the Dawnguard video game, Serana is the deuteragonist. Her father, Lord Harkon, is the leader of the Volkihar vampires and the Dawnguard. Although she did not gain vampirism until she fell in love with a Dragonborn, Serana was a pure-blood vampire.

Serana’s mother died in the Dragonborn, making her young age an important factor. This is a mythical age, but the answer will surprise you. Serana was born a year after the Last Dragonborn, so she is very old. The last dragonborn also revealed that she has a half-sister, Valyria. She carries a soul cairn in her possession.

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