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When yousubmit your ESTA application, the form and its information are stored on asecure database of the U.S. government, and the border authorities will have access to this information electronically.

The data you provide in your application is reviewedand verified against a series of databasesin order to verify your identity and check that your passport has not been reported stolen or lost.This helps contribute to the security of the United States’ external borders, and to combatfraud and terrorism.

Generally speaking, the review process of your application should last no longer than 72 hours.While it occasionally might take longer in specific cases, the review process is normally muchless than the stipulated estimate. For minimal processing time, make sure you fill out theESTA application form clearly and correctly when you submit it.

Once the application has been reviewed, you should receive an answer via email.

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When you enter the U.S., or when you are boarding transport to enterthe U.S., the border authoritiescan check your information on this database without any need for you to verify any of it yourself.

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You might be able to edit the information on your ESTA form depending on what the change is and also depending on whether you have submitted and paid for your application. Before payment, you...

Any foreign nationals wishing to enter the US must first of all obtain some form of visa that provides the relevant permission required from the US border control authorities. Different types of visas are available for different types of reasons for travelling to the US.

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It is not possible to extend your ESTA but you are able to renew your ESTA. To renew your ESTA, you must submit a new application, in the same way, that you submitted your previous one.

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